Food Gift Series – Cast Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit

Do you have as difficult of a time as I do figuring out what to get people for Christmas?  I spend so much time thinking about it, yet often times am not able to find something I think they will like.  That is one reason I like to give food gifts.  Everyone seems to enjoy getting something you have created and tastes delicious.  This Cast Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit is so simple to create, yet will be much appreciated by the recipient.  All they have to do is put it in the oven for a warm, chocolaty dessert, perfect for this time of year.  Then they will have the skillet to make more of them in the future if they want to.  I found the 6-inch mini cast iron skillet at Cost Plus World Market for $5.99.  I have also seen them on Amazon, and Cabela’s has square ones that would be cute too.

The kit includes a mini cast iron skillet, a hot pad, and raw chocolate chip cookie dough with instructions for baking.  Wrap it all up in some cellophane and cute ribbon and/or raffia, and that is all there is to it.  You can make up the cookie dough ahead of time, divide it into 4 equal round pieces to fit in the skillet (for 4 different gifts), wrap it in plastic wrap, and place in the freezer until you need it.  Then when you need it, place one of the rounds in the skillet, and wrap it up with the cellophane and ribbon.  In the picture above I was sending the skillet to a friend from out-of-town, so instead of making the dough, I included a bag of chocolate chips and the instructions for making the dough.  You can find the instructions for making the cookie dough in my previous post Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie or just use the Tollhouse Recipe on the back of a package of chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

As I was making the dough for this, I was reflecting on the fact that all 3 of our children know how to make chocolate chip cookie dough, even the boys.  It is something we did often together when they were little.  I’m so glad they learned the important things in life.  They may not have learned how to keep their rooms clean or how to maintain their cars, but they can whip up a batch of cookies in a flash whenever necessary.  You never know when you will be called upon at a moment’s notice to fulfill your cookie making destiny.  My kids will be ready. As a mother, it is a satisfying feeling to know you have sent your children out into the world prepared.

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie


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8 Responses to Food Gift Series – Cast Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit

  1. marthabernie says:

    Walmart also has the little cast iron skillet with the cookie mix included for $5.00. I bought a couple last night…not so much for the cookie mix but for the little cast iron skillet to give as gifts.

    • cookazido says:

      That is a brilliant idea, Martha! Why didn’t I think of that? I have seen those at Walmart, but didn’t think of buying them just to get the skillet. It would have been cheaper. Thanks for sharing that idea. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Excellent idea! I, too, have a hard time selecting gifts. This is perfect, thanks! XOXO

  3. Perfect! I love this idea. I’ve never had a skillet cookie before – I see I’m really missing out on something!

    Also, very glad to know that you brought up your children properly. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

    • cookazido says:

      You are missing out, Ruth! You have to get one somehow. Actually you can just use a regular pan, too. It is so melty, and rich, and perfect with ice cream. I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!

  4. Kay says:

    …and this out of town friend enjoyed it VERY much! The presentation was a treat in itself: the skillet wrapped in cellophane with a new red oven mitt, chocolate chips and the directions. It made a perfect treat to share with friends on a Downton Abbey viewing night. The cookie was warm and gooey and baked to perfection. Such a fun way to enjoy a favorite cookie dessert. Highly recommended!

    • cookazido says:

      Hi Kay! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your recommendation. It means a lot to me. I had fun doing it for you. Speaking of Downton Abbey, I have to catch up before the new season starts. Are you all caught up? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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