One Thing – Review of Postino Arcadia Restaurant

Postino - Arcadia

Usually when I go to a restaurant, I just need to find one thing on the menu I like.  Then I tend to keep ordering that same thing every time, and I am perfectly happy.  This is that one thing at Postino Winecafe in Arcadia (a suburb of Phoenix), and it makes me almost blissful.  It is a bread board consisting of 4 types of bruschetta.  You get to choose out of 12 different kinds. Each one is sliced in 4 pieces so you can share with everyone at your table.  The 4 shown here are  basil, mozzarella, and tomato, salami and pesto, arugula, bacon, and tomato, and artichoke dip.  The ingredients used are high quality so every mouthful is an explosion of flavor.

Postino - Arcadia

Postino was opened 10 years ago when the owners remodeled the historic Arcadia Post Office.  There are 2 other locations as well, and the owners’ goals for each one was to locate their restaurants in historically relevant buildings unique to the neighborhood it is in.  This particular building has large garage doors reminiscent of the post office, which are open to the patio in nice weather.

Postino - Arcadia

And if it isn’t nice weather, there are heaters so you can still eat outside if you want to. We asked if they would light the heaters, and even though we were the only ones out there, they were more than happy to accommodate us.  All of the people who served us from the hostess to the servers were very friendly.  Inside it is warm and inviting with an urban feel.

Postino - Arcadia

The menu is very simple and focuses on unique, approachable wines,  light appetizers, sandwiches, and salads made with local ingredients.  Usually Jeff and I order the bruschetta, and that is enough for us, but the last time we went, I hadn’t eaten lunch so we decided to share a salad as well.  I am so glad we did.  It was one of the best salads I’ve ever had.  I think it was the dressing that made it so good.  It was homemade, and light, yet full of the flavor of fresh herbs.

Postino - Arcadia

I hope you try Postino in Arcadia, and let me know if you find your one thing there.  I realized as I looked over the menu before we left, that they have some wonderful desserts as well, including creme brulee.  I hadn’t noticed those before, probably because I was so excited about the bruschetta.  I guess we will need to take another field trip to Postinos, purely for the purposes of the blog of course.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Postino Arcadia Winecafe

3939 E. Campbell Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85018


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2 Responses to One Thing – Review of Postino Arcadia Restaurant

  1. Ginny says:

    so glad to hear that you like Postino! It’s right in our neighborhood and we really should go there more often. Thanks for the reminder! (They have another location too: on Central Avenue, just a couple blocks north of Camelback.)

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